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Tighten System Security During Chinese New Year Holidays

Dear Colleagues,

There has been a surge in ransomware attacks in the US educational institutional networks in 2019 and there are signs that the wave of attacks is likely to extend to Hong Kong.  You can find more details from the link below:


To reduce the security risks and save energy during the coming Chinese New Year holidays, please

  1. Monitor all systems in your department and switch off those not in use. Tighten the access control of these systems as appropriate (e.g. blackout the admin console during the holidays).
  2. Ensure backups of critical systems are in place.
  3. Remind your colleagues to switch off their PCs and monitors.
  4. Lock all mobile computers/devices in the office to prevent unauthorized access.  

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. 

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year.


P.T. Ho
Director of IT Services
Information Technology Services