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2019/12/04 (Wednesday) - Enquiry

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I and my colleagues have consistently been writing to your email and we keep receiving a bounce back or no responds at all, which is kind of frustrating.

Should in case you get this, please kindly confirm if your mail address is having problem.

Also attached are the contents normally shown in the returned mails.

Can you explain what this means and why it do repeatedly shows this?

Your immediate response would be highly appreciated.


Alexander Aiza
Mobile: +61 8 9481 xxxx
Fax: +61 8 9481 xxxx
Email: info.neko2@ nekxx .net
POBox: PO Box xxx, West Perth,
Western Australia 6872 xxxx
Address: Level x, x Parliament Place
West Perth, Western Australia xxxx

Attention : Attachment “returned message body.tar” is infected with computer virus. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN IT.