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2018/07/12 (Thursday) - Re :Update on order #1300013338 – Payment/Refund 28/5/2015 [ ref:_00D20OS7._50090qeBiI:ref ]

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Dear Costumers


This email is with regard to your order number Order: 


#1300013338- (Open cases)


We would like to inform you that the order that you placed was not successful due to an error in the payment gateway. If an order is not successful this could be due to a number of reasons that, unfortunately, are not disclosed to us by the banks.


You might have received notification from your credit card provider on the deduction; however, please be assured that the refund will be processed soon, and the amount will be credited back to your account within 14 working days. This timeframe might differ, depending on the bank processing time.


We apologize for the inconvenience. Should you like to reorder, you might wish to use a different credit card.


Note: Attachment file “-Invoice-SDGR400000470352955.docx” and “-Invoice-SDGR400000470352955.pdf”are suspicious.