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2018/02/12 (Monday) - Phishing email: FW: Your Mailbox, May Shutdown!

Sender Domain:


 Dear ithelp,

 This is Administrator, We're writing to inform you that your Account will be permanently locked

 on our server due to your failure to verify and re-confirm your account ownership

 This a secure step to keep all account updated, secured and remove all malicious treat on our server.

 Kindly click on ww w.hku. hk/ re-verify to securely get verified to continue using our service.

 We are going to permanently remove your account ( it help@ ),

 if you fail to adheld to our instruction.

 NOTE: This is a one time user verification carried out in purpose to provide a more secured platform and

  shut down robot or malicious users created in purpose of spamming and other fraudulent activities. 

 Best Regards,

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