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Online Teaching Supporting Tools

ITS offers a variety of applications and classroom provisions for use by staff to facilitate their online teaching and learning. The delivery of online teaching can be classified into various modes to accommodate diverse needs and teaching styles of instructors. The suggestions of instructional tools for each delivery mode are enumerated as below:

Video Meeting Tools for Classes:

  1. For live teaching with staff and students’ interaction:

  2. For live teaching without the need of interaction:

  3. For non-live teaching:

Tools for Composing or Editing Videos

  1. Popular: Camtasia
  2. Supplementary: Upload video to Panopto and edit using Panopto’s Unison tool

Repository for Storing Videos

  1. Popular: Video Streaming Service (VSS) managed by ITS 
  2. Supplementary: Panopto with Unison

Classroom Facilities for Live and Non-live Teaching

  1. Classroom PCs with online teaching applications, built-in camera and built-in microphone
  2. Additional video input - rear ceiling camera in some classrooms
  3. Additional video input - visualizer
  4. Additional audio input - All classroom hand-held microphone