1. Introduction

A campus license on Qualtrics is arranged for use of HKU staff and students. This is a research survey software product developed by Qualtrics, LLC.  It is a survey tool that helps users to design and publish survey online. It also offers powerful analytics and real-time data tracking features which could save users’ effort in collecting and analysing the survey data.

Qualtrics provides over 100 different ways to ask a question. There are 23 question types (e.g. multiple choice, matrix table, rank order etc) and a variety of settings that can be used to access each of these possibilities. HKU has subscribed the add-on feature File Upload question type which allows respondents to upload a file along with their survey response.

The use of this software is governed by the Terms of Service of Qualtrics, LLC and it is subject to annual renewal. IT Services reserves the right to terminate any user’s access to Qualtrics at any time.

2. Who are eligible to use?

HKU staff and students holding an active HKU Portal staff/student account are eligible to use Qualtrics. University staff can use this software for work-related purpose while students are eligible to use it for their work related to University studies. Their Qualtrics accounts will be deactivated when they leave or graduate from HKU.

3. Support

  1. Online documentation
  2. Support from Qualtrics
  3. Support from IT Services