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Hall Network (HallNet)

All student residential halls are connected to the HKU Campus Network with a network point provided for each hall resident.

Instructions for Connecting to Hall Network

Campus Network Acceptable Use Policies - all the hall residents should read these policies carefully to ensure the proper use of the University's network resources in the halls.

The following table summarizes the speed of the network links connecting the respective halls and the Campus Network:


Speed of Data Line to Main Campus

Graduate House
Lady Ho Tung Hall
Lee Hysan Hall 
Lee Shau Kee Hall
Madam S. H. Ho Residence for Medical Students 
Morrison Hall
Patrick Manson Student Residence
Pokfield Road Residences (Student Residences)
R. C. Lee Hall 
Ricci Hall
Robert Black College
Simon K. Y. Lee Hall
St. John's College
Starr Hall
Suen Chi Sun Hall
Swire Hall
Wei Lun Hall
University Hall

Directly connected to the Campus Network backbone via Gigabit Ethernet connection (1Gbps)

For WiFi access, students can access the Wi-Fi.HK via HKUservice (requires no prior configuration) before their mobile devices are configured for connecting to the University’s WiFi network, HKU.  However, please note that the Wi-Fi.HK via HKU is only for quick and immediate network access in an unsecure mode within limited bandwidth.

For accessing the campus network services outside the University network, you will need to first login the HKUVPN gateway using your HKU Portal UID and PIN.  See https://www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/network/remote/hkuvpn2fa for the configuration and connection steps for making HKUVPN connection.