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Network Services

The HKU Campus Network is covered by a high-speed and sophisticated campus network based on 100-Gigabit, 10-Gigabit  and Gigabit Ethernet technologies with over 54,400 network access points installed which links together all the computer servers, workstations and PCs in the main and remote campuses.

Wireless access to the campus network and Internet is provided by over 5,600 WiFi access points and is available in all centrally-administered classrooms, public areas in the main campus, department offices and halls of student residence. Additionally, staff and students can also enjoy WiFi access off-campus at CSL and Y5Zone WiFi hotspots in town, and at other local and overseas universities using "eduroam".

The variety of network services offered includes-

For the procedures on connecting to the HKU Campus Network, please click here.

Coverage of HKU Campus Network

  1. Main Campus
  2. 4 remote campuses: They are the Faculty of Medicine premises at Sassoon RoadQueen Mary Hospital,  Faculty of Dentistry premises at Prince Philip Dental Hospital and the CyberPort.  All campuses are connected to the Main Campus by 10-Gigabit and Gigabit Ethernet connection.
  3. Remote student residential halls and remote offices:  These remote sites are connected to the Main Campus through optical fibre cables or fixed-access wireless connections.

Current Configuration

  1. Two high performance 100 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with integrated routing capability installed at two separate locations on the Main Campus to provide resilience
  2. Over 180 Gigabit Ethernet edge switches installed in various buildings 
  3. Gigabit Ethernet to desktop through Category 6 UTP cables
  4. Over 5,600 WiFi access points
  5. Direct Gigibit Ethernet WAN connections for Prince Philip Dental Hospital
  6. Direct fiber connection between Queen Mary Hospital campus and Sassoon Road campus, and direct fiber connection between Queen Mary Hospital campus and Main Campus as well
  7. 10 Gigabit Ethernet for the Sassoon Road campuses
  8. Metro-Ethernet WAN links and fixed wireless links for connection of remote campuses and offices
  9. Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway service for HKU Intranet connection from Internet

Bandwidth of HARNET and Internet Connections

The University's campus network is connected to the Internet via HARNET (Hong Kong Academic and Research Network) managed by the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC).  It also directly connects to other national or regional networks. 

The bandwidth of HARNET and Internet connections are as follows:

  1. 8.7 Gbps to global internet
  2. 20 Gbps to local HK internet via HKIX
  3. 10Gbps to HARNET’s gateway to international Research and Education Network (REN) connections

Internet Connections