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Hosting Services


There are two ITS Cloud hosting services: VM subscription services and OpenStack Resources Pool services. 

VM subscription services

To provide a scalable and flexible on-demand HKU private cloud virtual machine (VM) hosting services, ITS Cloud VM service is made available to HKU departments to support their needs for a one-stop server provision and manage the cloud resources at their own pace.

ITS Cloud provides professional management of cloud VMs (and other cloud services) with high availability (HA) feature as well as 24x7 monitoring in well controlled operation environment. ITS Cloud comes with a centralized and user-friendly self-service portal through which departments can request for the provisioning of cloud VMs of different sizes and types.  Departments are also provided with the full root/administrator privileges on the provisioned VMs.

OpenStack Resources Pool services

OpenStack Resource Pool Services is a new service offering to complement the current VM subscription services. The OpenStack platform is an open source suite of services aimed to provide an autonomous self-service portal on managing computing resources. The subscribing departments will operate a Virtual Data Centre at central server farm with pre-allocated (subscribed) computing resources e.g. vCPU, memory, usable storage capacity and network addresses. In addition, OpenStack platform provides built-in capabilities including load balancer (http), firewall security policy, API and template image support, in order to facilitate management and automation of the resources. The service is very suitable for departments which would like to have the flexibility to manage their own resource pool (vCPU, memory, storage) to set up VMs and assign resources for their various internal projects without setting up facilities to house any physical server.

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