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HKU Video Streaming Service

Video streaming means the delivery of video (and audio) contents over the network from a video server while users are playing the contents at their PCs at the same time.  

ITS is supporting a video streaming service for departments to upload their MP4 video files in a central streaming server as depicted below:

Streaming Intro

Service Description

Eligibility – All departments and staff

Supported format of streaming media files – MP4 video format (other file formats have to convert to MP4, see Procedure on Converting Video Files into MP4).

Storage size – 150GB/account Note

Access control

3 types of access control are supported:

  1. Publicly accessible video
  2. SSO controlled videos
  3. SSO controlled videos with access control list

Application Procedure

Apply for a video streaming account by submitting CF43

User Guide

Procedure on Converting Video Files into MP4
Procedure on Uploading MP4 Files on the HKU Video Streaming Server

Note: The size of a video file is determined by its length, quality and contents.  A high definition video with lots of movement will result in a larger file size while a standard definition video with less movements such as a PowerPoint presentation will give a smaller size. 150GB can approximately store 150-200 hours of videos.