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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate

AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning. AWS Educate provides grant-based access to AWS, training, and content, which also providing students and educators with a forum for collaboration. For details, please refer to https://aws.amazon.com/education/awseducate/.

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Terms & Conditions
  3. FAQs
  4. Renewal
  5. User Guides
  1. Pre-requisites:
    1. The AWS Educate is opened for use by students and teaching staff. Alumni are not eligible for this program.
    2. Students and teaching staff are required to use an AWS account to register AWS Educate.
    3. After the AWS Educate application is approved, students and teaching staff can redeem the AWS credits for using the AWS services.

For details, please refer to the startup procedures at https://www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/cloud/aws-startup.

  1. Terms & Conditions

    Please read the AWS Educate Terms & Conditions which govern participation in the AWS Educate Program.

  1. FAQs

    The following FAQs are extracted from AWS websites (https://www.awseducate.com/faqs). Please visit their website for further information.

Q. How do I register?

In order to join AWS Educate, you must submit an application. Links to applications for educators, students, and educational institutions can be found at https://aws.amazon.com/education/awseducate

Q. How will I know my application status?

If your application is approved, you will receive a welcome email within three business days with information about benefits and how to access them. If there are any issues with your application, you will receive an email with details on your application status and any further directions.

Q. What benefits will I receive by joining AWS Educate?

Members in AWS Educate will receive grant-based access and discounts to AWS resources, including AWS credits for use on eligible AWS services, access to content applicable to education, and access and/or discounts to AWS training resources.  AWS may roll out additional benefits or decrease existing benefits at any time.  The benefits to the program are outlined in the charts below and detailed in separate FAQs.

AWS Educate benefits for educators 

Institutional Classification AWS Credits (per member, annually renewable)  Free Access to AWS Educate Educator Collaboration Portal Free Access to AWS Essentials eLearning 50% Discount on Instructor-Led Training 50% Discount on AWS Certification Access to Free Online Labs
Institution joined AWS Educate $200 Yes Yes Yes* Yes Yes

* 50% discounts on in-person opportunities will only be available at select locations, at AWS' sole discretion.

AWS Educate benefits for students 

Institutional Classification AWS Credits (per member, annually renewable)  Free Access to AWS Educate Student Portal Access to Free Online Labs
Institution joined AWS Educate $100 Yes Yes

Q. When will I receive these benefits?

You will receive benefits in an email after your application has been approved. The email will contain detailed information about how to access your benefits, including important login information. Please follow the directions in the email, and save it for future reference.

Q. How do I redeem my AWS credit code and find out which AWS services are eligible to be covered by the code?

You can redeem your credit code in your AWS account by logging into your account, accessing "Billing & Cost Management" and clicking "Credits" on the left menu. Enter the promo code from your welcome email, complete the security check, and click “Redeem”. Once your code is validated, it will be added to the table at the bottom of the page. You can view the list of eligible services for your AWS credit code by clicking the "See complete list" link in the table. Promotional Credit may be used only for fees and charges incurred on or after the date you apply the applicable Promotional Credit code to your account and only for the specific Services designated by AWS (collectively, "Eligible Services"). You may not use Promotional Credit for any fees or charges for Reserved Instances, Amazon Mechanical Turk, AWS Support, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Route 53 domain name registration or transfer, any upfront fee for any Service, or for any other Services as may be designated by AWS from time to time (collectively, "Ineligible Services"). Promotional Credit will not be applied against any fees or charges for use of any Ineligible Services, and your AWS account will be billed for all fees and charges for use of any Ineligible Services.

Note: You can track your usage of AWS credits and monitor charges by enabling billing alerts. For details, please refer to below webpages:

  1. Renewal

    Users can renew their credits annually. To renew,

    • Please go to https://www.awseducate.com/signin/SiteLogin.
    • After login, click “AWS Account” at top right. Then click “Start Renewal”.
    • After applying the promotion code, you will be able to get the renewed AWS credits.

  2. User Guides

    For tutorials and user guides on using different AWS services, please refer to https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/documentation/.