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Online Exam Website – HKU Online Examination System (OLEX)

Functions of OLEX
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Information Technology Services (ITS), in conjunction with the Examinations Office, developed the HKU Online Examination System (OLEX) for students to take online examinations. 

Functions of OLEX

OLEX supports three core functions:

1. Upload of Examination Papers and Download of Answer Files Submitted by Students (For Teachers)

Online exams are arranged by sub-classes. Teachers (the first teachers of courses) and delegates are responsible for uploading the exam papers to OLEX which can be done once a course is created on OLEX. The deadline for upload is 48 hours before the start of the scheduled exam timeslot. One exam paper in PDF format (recommended size: <5MB) can be uploaded for each course.

Teachers and delegates can download the following items from OLEX:

  1. Students’ answer files of a course can be downloaded from OLEX 6 hours after the scheduled exam timeslot ends.

  2. Student Exam Submission Report (Exam Summary) showing students’ record on the following items which is available an hour after an exam ends:

    • exam paper download
    • acknowledgement of integrity statement
    • 1st – 3rd upload(s) of answer file
    • those who did not upload answer file with reason indicated

Faculties/Departments please provide an enquiry email address for supporting their online exams. The same email address can be used for multiple exams.

For details, please read the Step-by-Step User Guide for Examiners and Delegates Using OLEX.

2. Register for Online Exam and Take Online Exam (for Students)

a. Students are required to do online registration before taking online exams. They will be requested to provide an alternative email address (i.e. non-HKU email address) and contact phone number. Acknowledgement email will be sent to student’s @connect.hku.hk account and alternative email address after the answer files are submitted to OLEX successfully.

b. Students can view the full list of courses they need to take online exams and the online exam instructions.

c. Students will take online exams by

  • downloading an exam paper
  • uploading the answer file (one answer file containing all typewritten text and including all hand-written text, drawings, calculation, etc., if any, in a MS WORD / PDF / ZIP file within 20MB) and can upload one answer file to OLEX for up to 3 times.

For details, please read the Step-by-Step User Guide for Students Using OLEX.

3. Exam Invigilation (for Invigilators)

Zoom meetings are created by default for proctoring every online exam conducted on OLEX. Invigilators and students will access the Zoom meetings through the Zoom links created under OLEX. Examiners and their delegates can also access the Zoom meetings in case of need.

Invigilators please read the Step-by-Step User Guide for Invigilators Using OLEX for details.

User Guides