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Functions of OLEX
Components of OLEX
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Information Technology Services (ITS), in conjunction with the Examinations Office, developed the HKU Online Examination System (OLEX) for students to take online examinations. 

Functions of OLEX

OLEX supports two core functions:

1. Upload of Examination Papers and Download of Answer Files Submitted (for Teachers)

Teachers and designated representatives of their courses can upload the exam papers once the course is created on OLEX.  The deadline for upload is 30 minutes before the scheduled exam timeslots.  They can also download answer files submitted after the scheduled exam timeslots.

2. Register for Online Exam and Take Online Exam (for Students)

  1. Students are required to do a simple registration before taking the online exams.
  2. Students can view the full list of courses they need to take online exams.
  3. Students will take exams online by downloading the exam papers and submitting their answer files via OLEX. 

3. Note: Actions to be done by Faculties or Departments

The online exams are arranged by sub-classes.  The first teacher of each sub-classes will be the Chief Invigilator (CI).  Faculties or Departments can designate any staff of their own departments to act as the master key person of a course with online exam in the Online Exam System (OLEX).  Only the courses and sub-classes with online exam will be listed in OLEX.  The CI and designated colleagues will be responsible to upload exam paper to OLEX and answer the ad-hoc enquiries by email about the online exam of their course.  (Faculties or Departments please provide an enquiry email address for each such online exam. The same email address can be used for more than one course if appropriate.)  

Components of OLEX

OLEX is made of 2 parts - Online Exam System for Teachers (T) and Online Exam System for Students (S).

1. Online Exam System for Teachers (T):

This system supports teachers to:

  1. Upload exam papers in the format of PDF files (recommended size: <5MB/file)
  2. Preview the uploaded exam paper before uploading to ensure accuracy
  3. Download students’ answer files in zip file format

2. Online Exam System for Students (S):

This systems support students to:

  1. Register for Online Exam

Students are required to register before taking the online exam by providing a non-HKU email address and a contact phone number in case a phone call is needed related to online exam matters.  Students will receive an acknowledgement email sent to their @connect.hku.hk AND non-HKU email addresses after their answer files are successfully submitted.

  1. Take Online Exams

For students to

  • View Online Exam Instruction
  • Download exam papers
  • Submit one answer file containing all typewritten text and all hand-written text, drawings, calculation, etc., if any, and the document submitted shall either be .doc, .docx.  In special cases, examiners may also authorize the use of .pdf or .zip format. Please note that:
    1. The size of the answer file must be within 10MB.
    2. The answer file, if a ZIP file, must not contain an “.exe” file.
    3. Submission of the answer file can only be done 3 times at most. 

User Guide


Training Session






Presentation file

Introductory Seminar on Online Exam

4 December 2019 (Wed)

2:30pm – 4:30pm



Introductory Seminar on Online Exam

5 December 2019 (Thu)

9:30am – 11:30am



Note: CB = Chow Yei Ching Building