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New Expense Claim App Service

One general comment about expense claim is that the claim forms are difficult to fill in.  Especially for infrequent claimants, it often takes considerable time to complete a claim. This is one of the aspects that the “Expenses Claim Procedures Rationalization Project” led by Mr. Steve Lo, Executive Vice President (Administration and Finance), set out to address. 

The related Financial Policies & Procedures had been updated and announced on August 2, 2021.  At the same time a new mobile app service for both claimants and approvers was released. The types of claims supported are business travel, official entertainment and local travelling.

Benefits for claimants

  • Use a more friendly interface to file a claim
  • Can easily attach the associated receipts or other required documents
  • Can complete a claim using mobile phone

Benefits for approvers

  • Can review and approve claims using mobile phone
  • Enjoy using a more friendly interface

Benefits for department administrators / claim checkers

  • Save the time to enter claims because claimants can now enter for themselves
  • No need to handle or collate hardcopy or email submission of receipts and support documents from claimants
  • Fewer enquiries to handle as claimants can easily check the processing status of their claims

Expense Claim workflow

Steps to open the Expense Claim App

  1. Launch HKU APP
  2. Click “More
  3. Click “Staff Corner
  4. Login using HKU Portal Account
  5. Select “Expense Claim” on the menu

In case HKU APP has not been installed,  you can download it from Google Play and Apple Store.

More information is available under Finance and Enterprises Office (FEO) intranet:



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