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Retention Period of Zoom Cloud Recordings

ITS has subscribed Zoom cloud storage to allow easy recording of Zoom sessions as needed by the hosts. The retention periods of the recordings made by staff and students were initially announced as 180 days and 30 days respectively. As the cloud storage usage is now growing steadily, regular deletion of the expired recordings to free up the space subscribed will be enforced starting from June 2021.  To simplify the process, the retention period settings for both the recordings of staff and students are aligned to 180 days.   

Recordings made in and before 2020 will be deleted in June 2021. Subsequent recordings will be deleted upon expiry of the 180-day retention period. Reminders will be sent to users before the retention period ends. 

Users who need to keep their Zoom recordings beyond the expiry of the 180-day retention period should save them on their own PCs or other storage devices. If the links of the recordings are/will be shared with others, please inform them that the links will become inaccessible after 180 days from the record date.


Idy Tang
User Services Team
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