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New Features of HKU Event Calendar

HKU Event Calendar under HKU Portal, which facilitates staff members and students to add and synchronize University event of interest and/or work tasks to their personal calendar, such as Outlook/Google calendar, has been enhanced with 2 new features since January 2021. These new features are shown and described below:

  1. Department Approval Desk – this new function can assist administering authorities to process their daily approval task to improve work efficiency.  Instead of relying on email notifications and reminders, through the Department Approval Desk, approvers can view a personalized list of approval tasks displayed in calendar view.  They can catch a glimpse of the “to-approve” list by day and directly access the respective systems to indicate their approvals through the quick links provided.

    The current list of applications covered under the Department Approval Desk includes

    • Continuing Professional Development
    • Cost Allocation Guidelines
    • Declaration of Interest
    • Departmental Claims
    • Departmental Inventory
    • Financial Clearance Form - PGS
    • Financial Clearance Form - Staff
    • Human Research Ethics Application
    • Leave
    • Outside Practice Management
    • Student Hall Application

                                                                               Screen Capture of Department Approval Desk

  2. Addition of Registered HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) Events – this new function enables staff and students to add registered and approved HKUEMS events into HKU Event Calendar as well as their personal calendars.

For staff and students who are using HKU Event Calendar as a general user, they can access via the following paths:


Login HKU Portal > My Pages > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > HKU Event Calendar


Login HKU Portal > My Page > SIS Menu > Self Services > HKU Event Calendar

For departmental administrators who wish to publicize their events on HKU Event Calendar for users to add the interested ones into their calendars, they can submit CF89 to apply for submitter and approver right.  After that, they can update events into the HKU Event Calendar via HKU Portal (My Pages > Manager Self Service > IT Services > HKU Event Calendar).

For details on the operation steps of the HKU Event Calendar, please click here.


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