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Tools and Platforms for Online Teaching and Learning

To facilitate online teaching and learning, a number of tools and platforms are available for use by teachers and students:

Tools and Platforms

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1. Moodle learning management system



Moodle supports a wide variety of learning activities, e.g. forum, assignment, quiz, notes. ITS has integrated it with other systems to enrich the T&L functionalities – Turnitin to provide plagiarism checking, Leganto of the Libraries’ systems to provide comprehensive course reading lists and Panopto to view the recorded lectures anytime. 


2. Panopto lecture capture system

Panopto is a lecture capture system supporting video and audio recording synchronized with PowerPoint presentation. A teacher can start recording lecture in a classroom setting or with one’s own PC anytime and anywhere supporting the flip classroom teaching methodology. 


3. Video conferencing for classes


Zoom is a popular conferencing platform supporting online classes of up to 300 participants.   Another conferencing platform option is Microsoft Teams (MS Teams).  

Two links, one to a Zoom meeting and another to an MS Teams meeting will be set up under each Moodle course.  Teachers can choose to enable them or not.

Link for Zoom


Link for MS Teams

4. Courseware preparation software


Teachers can use the following software to prepare video courseware:

·      Panopto

·      Camtasia

Panopto is a one-stop solution through which a video recording will be automatically uploaded to the Panopto server and associated with a Moodle course.  It also supports simple video editing.

Camtasia is a screen camcorder and video production tool.    It can record screen activity in videos, edit and narrate the video clips. The final cut can be rendered into several standard video formats for ease of sharing.  After you create a video recording using Camtasia, you can use Panopto Unision to upload it to the Panopto server and associate it with a Moodle course.

Link for Panopto

Link for Camtasia

Link for Panopto Unison








Suggestions on using the instructional tools for different delivery modes can be found at https://www.its.hku.hk/services/tl/online_teaching_supporting_tools.


Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI) is providing one-to-one consultation at the Digital Literacy Lab, 2/F of Chi Wah Learning Commons. A one-hour session can be booked here. For e-Learning enquiries, like courseware preparation, you can send WhatsApp message to TELI at 6437 8034 or contact us at eLearningTeam@hku.hk

Training schedule

ITS is arranging training sessions on the above-mentioned tools and platforms.  Please check out our latest sessions by clicking here.


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