Staff News

New Staff

We express our warmest welcome to the following colleagues who joined us in April 2020:

  • Mr Sze Kwan Shan, Sam, IT Officer of Student Information Systems Team
  • Mr Wong Man Chung, Kevin, IT Officer of Network Operations Team
  • Mr Lo Ka Wing, Luke,  IT Officer of Research Services Systems Team
  • Mr Hui Siu Ki, Ken, IT Officer of e-Learning Team

Leaving Staff

We bid farewell to Mr Wong Man Ki, Oscar of Joint University Computer Centre Limited who left us in April 2020.  We wish Oscar every success in his future endeavor.

Other Updates

The following colleagues have taken up their new positions in March and April 2020:

  • Dr Lam Sai Wa, Vitus, Assistant IT Director supporting Student Information Systems Team
  • Dr Kwok Wai Shing, Wilson, Assistant IT Director supporting Learning Environment Services Team
  • Ms Siu Wing Yan, Angela, Senior IT Manager supporting e-Services & Data Technologies Team
  • Ms Chan Yuk Lin, Lilian, Senior IT Manager supporting High Performance Computing Team
  • Ms Chan Kwan Yeung, Anita, Senior IT Manager supporting Student Information Systems Team
  • Ms Yip King Tai, Ivy, General Manager supporting Joint University Computer Centre Limited


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Office Administration Team
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