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Additional Features Available for Use under Qualtrics

ITS has coordinated a campus license on Qualtrics for use by University staff and students since early 2019 and the license has been recently renewed for another year.  Qualtrics is a research survey product developed by Qualtrics, LLC which helps users to design and publish online survey.  Its powerful analytics and real-time data tracking features help save effort in analysing the survey data and presenting the survey results.

Under the renewal contract, the following features including SSO authenticator and Qualtrics API are added.  Staff and students can make use of these features when they set up surveys and projects using Qualtrics.  Please check out the details from the following links in Qualtrics' website:  

  1. SSO Authenticator (This function allows the setting up of surveys responded by HKU staff and/or students only. It will be available for use from 4 May 2020 onwards.  Please check out our guideline on 4 May 2020 for the procedure.)
  2. Conjoint/MaxDiff
  3. Developer tools (API)
  4. Offline App
  5. Stats iQ
  6. Highlight Question
  7. Quotas
  8. ExpertReview


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