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Schedule and Join Zoom Meetings in Moodle

To facilitate teachers to schedule Zoom course meetings for their Moodle courses, we have integrated a Zoom plug-in with Moodle.  Students can also join these Zoom course meetings under the Moodle platform.

To get the above done, teachers are only required to go through a few simple steps to create Course Zoom Meetings for a Moodle course by making use of the “Add Common Functions” menu under the “Navigation” block of Moodle.  After setting, teachers can schedule Zoom meetings for a Moodle course and students can click the “Course Zoom Meeting” button under that Moodle course to join the Zoom meetings.

For the procedures in details, please see


You can also see our webpage at https://www.its.hku.hk/services/communication/conferencing/zoom for the quick start guide and other useful information on the use of Zoom.

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