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Standardization of Student Email Address

At present, students are provided with an HKU email account PortalUID@connect.hku.hk on the outsourced email platform powered by Google.   On top of the said email account, each student is assigned an email alias, in the form of  PortalUID@hku.hk, as the email address for receiving emails.  However, this email alias of a student will no longer be valid after his/her graduation. 

What is the change?

We will stop providing the email alias PortalUID@hku.hk to new students admitted in academic year 2020/2021 and onwards.  PortalUID@connect.hku.hk will be the single and standardized email address for students to receive emails.

Why this change?

We have received the feedback that every year graduating students using the email alias, in the form of PortalUID@hku.hk, have to take considerable troubles in advising their friends and other email contacts of the expiry of this email alias after graduation. The adoption of a standardized email address in the form of (PortalUID@connect.hku.hk) for students during their studies and after graduation would also ease the administration effort of departments in communicating with their graduated students by means of the same email addresses during their studies.

The IT Advisory Committee (ITAC) and the Advisory and Coordination Group on Information Infrastructure and Services (ACGIIS) as well as the HKU Students’ Union whom ITS had consulted have been supportive on this proposed change.


Students admitted before academic year 2020/2021 can continue using PortalUID@hku.hk until graduation.  The email addresses for students admitted in 2020/2021 and onwards will be in the format of PortalUID@connect.hku.hk.

ITS is updating the student-related central IT systems, including Student Information System and the Moodle e-Learning System, to accommodate the above change.  University departments and offices should also update their departmental webpages and information systems in line with the change. 

For any questions on the above, please feel free to contact our Service Desk at 3917 0123 or ithelp@hku.hk.


K C Chang
Systems Team
Tel: 3917 7972
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