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Introducing the University's IT Services

  1. Welcome
  2. Latest Developments and Updates
  3. Want to Know More
  4. Getting our Assistance

1. Welcome

Welcome to all new comers joining HKU!

Below is a quick starter guide to let new comers know the central IT services and facilities available to them for supporting their works and studies at the University.

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides comprehensive information technology services with a state-of-the-art IT environment to support teaching, learning, research, administration and management of the University. 

Facilities offered include:

  1. An advanced campus network
  2. Powerful central servers
  3. High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters
  4. Cloud computing
  5. Modern learning environment

Services offered include:

  1. HKU Portal services
  2. Student Information System (SIS)
  3. Learning Management System “Moodle” & “Panopto”
  4. Web-based administrative applications
  5. Mobile applications

Please check out the details of the above facilities and services by clicking the links above.

2. Latest Developments and Updates

ITS keeps on enhancing its services and facilities striving to offer University members with the best user experience.  Below highlights the latest developments and updates:

a. SMARTER@HKU IT Developments

The following 5 IT developments initiated under the SMARTER@HKU programme started in end of 2018/early 2019 aiming at reducing the workload of IT support staff in departments:

  1. Virtual PCs (VPC)
  2. Cloud-based Website Content Management System (CMS)
  3. Common Facilities Booking System (HKUFBS)
  4. Audio Visual Standards (AVS)
  5. University-wide ITS Cloud Deployment

These projects are now running in full momentum and departments are welcome to apply for using any of them.

b. New Central IT Initiatives

  1. HKU Event Calendar – facilitates colleagues and students to opt-in University events of interest that can synchronise with their personal calendars.
  2. Convene Paperless Meetings – the software helps arrange and conduct meetings using the functions of meeting notification, agenda distribution and voting.  That helps improve meeting efficiency and productivity through a comprehensive set of mobile app tools for iPad, Android, Mac and Windows devices for supporting meeting preparation and proceedings, apart from reducing paper usage.
  3. New Mobile Applications
    • HKU mPOS is designed for departments to collect fees/charges and product selling at their service counters. Students, guests and general public can settle these payments via HKU uPayIncome collected will be credited into departments’ designated accounts automatically which streamlines the income reconciliation process between departments and FEO.
    • Attendance@HKU app is enhanced for HKU staff and students to record their attendance at classes or events held in the departmental rooms with location-based beacons installed, on top of the centrally timetabled classrooms.

    Some other useful apps to highlight include HKU uPrint, Course@HKU, HKU Tutorial Sign-up and HKU Shuttle Bus.  Check out here for more details.

c. ITS User Survey 2019

We treasure a lot users’ feedback which is a motivator driving us for continuous service improvement.  We conduct a user survey every year and the last one was conducted in early 2019.  WiFi network, email and HKU Portal are the top 3 most important services among 15 major IT services surveyed in 2019.  Please click here to see the survey results in details.

d. New Campus Licenses on SmartDraw & Qualtrics

ITS has coordinated a collection of commonly used software for use by HKU staff and students including Microsoft Office, SPSS, Matlab, PDF X-Change Pro and Sophos Endpoint Antivirus, etc. Two new software items are lately added into the pool.  They are SmartDraw and Qualtics.

3. Want to Know More 

Quick started guides are available to facilitate new comers to better understand the provision of central IT services and facilities:

  1. Quick started video: Contains the must-know information for staff and students
  2. Getting started webpages: New comers can find more information on the commonly used IT services through these pages.  The links are:-

4. Getting our Assistance 


Orientation classes are arranged for new comers in late August and September 2019.  Check out the schedule and registration by clicking here.  Other regular seminars and training courses are arranged by us throughout the year. 


Please visit the following webpages for getting the latest information about us:

Service Desk

In case advice and assistance in using the central IT services are required, please feel free to contact our Service Desk via any of the following channels:

Enjoy using the central IT services!  Again, please feel free to contact us via the above channels in case you want to know more or have any questions in using our services. Feedback and comments are also welcome.


Idy Tang
User Services Team
Tel: 3917 6220
Email: tangky@hku.hk