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New Release of HKU Facilities Booking System (HKUFBS)

A new version of the HKU Facilities Booking System (HKUFBS), a general purpose booking system for managing booking facilities by departments, has been released in July 2019. 

The first version of HKUFBS has been launched since November 2018. Some departments have explored its use and given us their valuable feedback and suggestions which have been incorporated into the new version. 

Below are highlights of the new features supported by the new version of HKUFBS:

  1. Approver function which allows designated colleagues to approve or reject booking requests.
  2. Additional fields can be added by departments for prompting users to capture specific booking request information and self-defined information can be shown in the booking request input screen.  The configuration is specific to individual departments.

There are now 25 departments registered for using HKUFBS.  All departments are encouraged to make use of this system to manage their facilities bookings.  To know more about HKUFBS and the features of its new release, please visit https://www.its.hku.hk/SMARTER-IT/hkufbs.


Wiley Chau
Estates Systems Team
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