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HKU Convene Paperless Meeting

ITS has launched a University-wide paperless meeting solution powered by Azeus Convene in July 2019 which is now open for use by all departments.

The HKU Convene Paperless Meeting (thereafter “Convene”) is a substitution to the conventional ways of conducting and distributing meetings using paper or emails.  It is an integrated solution which helps improve meeting efficiency and productivity through a mobile app for iOS and Android or a client software for Mac and Windows for supporting meeting preparation and proceedings, apart from reducing paper usage.  All the documents uploaded to Convene are encrypted and only the meeting organizers and participants can view them.  Selectable watermark function is also available to ensure any meeting material that is confidential in nature will not fall into the wrong hands. 

The major functions of Convene are summarized below:

Meeting organizer (secretary):

  1. Define the meeting Chairman, organizers and participants (can be saved and used for future meetings)
  2. Distribute the meeting agenda papers
  3. Send the meeting notifications and reminders
  4. Update the meeting agenda and papers any time if necessary and participants will receive the updated version instantly

Meeting participant:

  1. View and download the meeting agenda papers on their own device
  2. Follow the meeting procedures conducted by the Chairman and presentation made by the presenter simultaneously  
  3. Add notes on the agenda papers which can also be shared with meeting participants
  4. Vote at the meeting

This solution is simple to use after a one-time installation of the app or client software.  It is currently being used by over 30 central committees, faculties and departments with over 600 colleagues registered to use the system as meeting organizers or participants.  If your department is interested in using this effective meeting solution, please fill in and return CF87 on Convene Meeting Organizer Master Registration Form.

Another round of briefing session and hands-on workshop on the use of Convene will be arranged in late September/early October 2019.  Please stay tuned for the latest training sessions at https://www.its.hku.hk/IT-initiatives#training.  For more information about Convene, please visit https://www.its.hku.hk/services/communication/convene.                     


Kenneth Yip
Systems Team
Tel: 3917 7973
Email: kkyyip@hku.hk