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Results of ISDM Self-assessment Survey 2018

As a part of the ISDM Policy implementation, ITS conducted the first ISDM self-assessment survey among departments between November and December 2018.  The objectives of the survey are:

  • To help departments to “obtain comfort” by self-assessing their maturity of compliance with the ISDM policy.
  • To review the maturity of departmental compliance with the ISDM policy.
  • To identify weaknesses in the compliance areas which have to be addressed by the Data and Security Team of ITS as the second line of defence.

To facilitate departments to undertake the self-assessment survey, 4 briefing sessions were conducted between October and December 2018 to let departments understand the scope and how to complete the survey.  In addition, 9 small group discussions were arranged and joined by representatives from 30 departments to answer questions related to the self-assessment survey.   

The survey was sent to 104 departments and 70 responses were received.   The University’s average score of ISDM self-assessment 2018 is summarized below:



Average Score

(out of 100)

General Information Security

User account and I.T. equipment management


Departmental website management


Departmental PC management


Implementation of ISDM policy


Section score


Data Life Cycle Management

Data/Information Management Planning


Controls of Accessing and Using Data/ Information


Controls of Storing and Transmitting Data/ Information


Section Score


Physical Environment Security

Physical Access Security


Environmental Security


Section Score


We have arranged 3 briefing sessions in March 2019 to share the results and observations of the self-assessment exercise.  More sessions will be arranged.

For questions on the ISDM self-assessment results and ISDM Policy, please feel free to contact the undersigned. 


Bunny Wong
Data and Security Team
Tel: 3917 5715
Email: buwongsb@hku.hk