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Information Security and Personal Data Protection Week 2018

To raise University members’ awareness on information security and personal data protection, ITS organized the “Information Security and Personal Data Protection Week 2018” during 5-9 November 2018.  The series of events were very well received by the University members with over 600 staff and students visited our exhibition and game booth, participated in the security health workshops and the ISDM e-Contest to learn more about information security and personal data protection. 

Exhibition and Game Booth

An exhibition and game booth was set up in the Chi Wah Learning Commons.  Visitors could find handy information on the common techniques and practices on cybersecurity protection to guard against security breaches. 


Exhibition and Game Booth


game booth

Security Health Workshops

Over 150 participants joined the security health workshops held on November 6 and 9, 2018.  On the personal data protection side, Ms Victoria Tsang (Consultant from Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited) presented a topic on “Privacy Concerns Relating to Mobile Use and Social Networking” and Mr Joe Poon (University Data Protection Officer) added supplementary information on this topic from the perspective of HKU.  

On the information security side, Mr Mike Lo (Risk Advisory from Deloitte) shared his experience in identifying and avoiding phishing emails as well as some other security tips. We also invited Mr Michael Gazeley (Managing Director from Network Box Corporation Limited) to share with audience the essential cybersecurity facts they should know. 

Mr Mike Lo (left) and Ms Victoria Tsang (right) gave their talks at the Security Health Workshops Held on Nov 6 and 9, 2018.

Mike Lo gave his talk

Victoria Tsang gave her talk

ISDM e-Contest

Around 300 staff and students participated in the ISDM e-Contest.  Results of the ISDM e-Contest are summarized in the following table:



Under 50










Two Winners Received the Prizes of the ISDM e-Contest

Winner of ISDM e-Contest

Winner of ISDM e-Contest

We would like to thank the University Data Protection Officer, Human Resource Section, Communication and Public Affairs Office and Centre of Development and Resources for Students for their support rendered in Information Security and Personal Data Protection Week 2018 to make it a success.

Kelvin Chan
Data and Security Team
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Email: lhkchan@hku.hk