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Upgrade of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace to Version 2016

ITS supports a collaborative content management service running on Microsoft SharePoint server (hereafter called “SharePoint”).  Under SharePoint, a variety of functions for collaboration and communication enhancement such as blogging, group calendar, document library and search, group website and setting up of group email addresses are supported.   Each department can register for a workspace designated with the URL: https://dept_abbreviation.workspace.hku.hk/ for the department’s usage.

ITS is undergoing an exercise to upgrade the Microsoft SharePoint platform from version 2013 to 2016.  We are pleased to announced that the setting up of the SharePoint 2016 platform was completed in mid-August 2018.  We are now in the process of migrating the SharePoint Workspaces of departments to the new platform, and would expect the whole exercise to complete by end of 2018.   

User departments have been contacted and informed of the details about this upgrade.   The URL of the new SharePoint site (2016 platform) of a department will remain unchanged.  The content on the old site (2013 platform) will be available for read-only access for one month after the completion date of the migration to the 2016 platform.

Below lists the major new features of SharePoint 2016:

  1. Improved performance and better compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013/2016 applications.
  2. Preview support for Information Rights Management (IRM) protected Microsoft Office documents.
  3. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 (O365) which can connect to a user’s Microsoft OneDrive.  Searching can be done within the Departmental SharePoint Workspace or OneDrive.
    link to onedrive
  4. Maximum file-upload size increased from 150 MB to 1GB.
  5. Support of copy and move of multiple documents.
  6. Direct import/export documents from/to a ZIP file.
    direct import/export

The user guides for general users and site administrators on the use of SharePoint 2016 can be accessed at the following link:


Departments can request the use of the SharePoint facility by completing the CF158 online form.  For any question about the SharePoint facility, please contact the undersigned.


Terry Chan & Andrew Yam
Systems Team
Tel: 3917 6257 & 3917 6207
Email: cyrret@hku.hk & awhyam@hku.hk