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New Video Streaming Server

We have been supporting video streaming service based on Adobe Flash format since 2010.  As Adobe will discontinue its official support for Flash in 2020 and presently this technology is becoming less popular, we have set up and put into service in May 2018 a new video streaming server for use by HKU staff and students.

The new video streaming server, named vss.hku.hk, supports video streaming in MP4 video format.  This new server will support public and private video streaming as described below:

Type of videos

Who can view

Public videos


Private videos

Anyone with a valid HKU Portal Account (HKU Portal login is required)

Private videos for a group of viewers

Only HKU staff or students with valid HKU Portal Accounts and their staff/student numbers are in listed in the access white list

(HKU Portal login is required)

As video owners may take time to convert their past videos from Flash to MP4 format and update the links of these videos, the old video server (supporting Flash format) will run for 6 more months and then retire on 3 November 2018.  After that, all video streaming in HKU will operate in MP4 format.

Video viewers will not see noticeable difference between the videos shown in the Flash and MP4 formats.  Most up-to-date web browsers on PCs or smartphones now support streaming of MP4 videos.  For those who are using older versions of web browsers, they may need to download the entire MP4 video file onto the display device before showing it.

For staff and students who are keeping Flash video files on the old video streaming servers, please arrange conversion of them to MP4 files, upload the MP4 files to the new video server and update the URL links of the MP4 file to enable their access.  For more details about the procedures of video conversion and posting, please visit the related ITS user guide webpage - http://www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/communication/streaming/mp4.


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