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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate Program

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate Program is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators (teaching staff) with resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning  (click here for more details).  In April 2018, we have enrolled in this Program so that our teaching staff and students can enjoy the services of the Program.

Email invitations have been sent to all teaching staff and non-final year students in mid-May 2018 inviting them to join the AWS Educate Program.  Under this institutional enrolment, students and educators will be offered AWS credits (educator: $200 of AWS credits and student: $100 of AWS credits, renewable on a yearly basis) that may be used to support academic and instructional projects (note: use of the credits is not applicable for internal or administrative workloads).  

Teaching staff and students who are interested to enrol in this AWS Educate Program will have to undertake a one-time registration and credit redemption procedure that include: 

Step 1: Create and activate an AWS Account
Step 2: Register and join AWS Educate
Step 3: Redeem AWS Educate credits

Procedures to complete the above steps can be found from the ITS webpage on “Startup Guide for AWS Educate” (click here).  For the perquisites and FAQ of this Program, please refer to the ITS webpage on AWS Educate (click here).  Applications submitted by teaching staff will be vetted by AWS individually.  They will be requested to provide information such as biography, speciality, course information, etc. when they submit the application online.  

Please note that the AWS program is only eligible for use by students and educators.  Students will not be able to use this Program after they graduate from the University. Please read the AWS Educate Terms & Conditions which govern participation in the AWS Educate Program.

In case you have any questions about this AWS Educate Program, please feel free to contact our Service Desk at ithelp@hku.hk or 3917 0123.


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