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Courses@HKU – A New App for Showing Course Information on Mobile

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile app, Courses@HKU in January 2018 for use by undergraduates.  With this app, undergraduates are no longer required to login to the Student Information System (SIS) to look up the course information.  Instead, they can check the course information, course enrollment statistics and plan for their studies anytime and anywhere using mobile devices.  This app is very well received by students and there are more than 3,000 downloads within a month since its launch. 

The information available under this app covers the Common Core Courses and Core University English Course.  Course description, timetable and pre-requisite requirements of UG courses are also handily available on the app which is particularly useful to undergraduates during the course selection periods for quick information checking.

Below are some of the feature highlights:

  1. Common Core Course Enrollment Statistics
    - Show the enrollment statistics of all Common Core courses, or courses which are still available under each Area of Inquiry (e.g. CCCH, CCGL, CCHU and CCST).
  2. Core University English Course Enrollment Statistics
    - Show the enrollment statistics of all Core University English (CUE) classes, or classes which are still available on each day of the week (e.g. available classes on Monday).
  3. Course List (by Curriculum/Major/Minor/Professional Core/Specialization)
    - Show courses under each category for study planning.
  4. Course Pre-requisites
    - Show courses (by subject) with their pre-requisite requirements.

Some sample screens of the app are shown below:

(a) Main Menu (b) Area of Inquiry under Common Core Courses (c) Enrollment Statistics for Available Classes under Common Core Courses
app main menu Cc courses Enrollment Statistics

Undergraduate students can download this new Courses@HKU app through the following links:

google play apple store
google play apple store



Please click http://www.its.hku.hk/services/communication/mobile-app to find out more information about other mobile apps developed by ITS.


Gary Leung
SIS Team
Tel: 3917 0404
Email: wtleung@hku.hk