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Upgrade of PCs and Enhancement of Printing Facilities

This summer has been no exception for the Learning Environment Services (LES) to continue improving our facilities for enhancing the student learning experience.

1. Upgrade of PCs

During this summer, LES upgraded the communal PCs in the Chi Wah Learning Commons, KB110 and CPD-3.41.   All communal PCs come with Windows 10 Enterprise English version and the latest teaching and learning software.  Students would be able to experience the improved PC performance when using the new PC facility.    

Upgrade of PCs

Apart from upgrading the software on the PCs at the above mentioned locations, the software at the teachers PCs in the centrally administered classrooms is also updated with a newer version as tabulated below-



Latest version available

EndNote X8

A software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies

Version X8

Octave UI

For numerical computation

Version 4.2

QSR Nvivo

A qualitative research program

Version 11.4


A software environment for statistical computing and graphics

Version 3.4


A set of integrated tools designed to help using R in a more productive way.  It includes a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, as well as tools for plotting, history, debugging and workspace management

Version 1.0.143


For instant messages and video calls

Version 7.3

For details on the PC configuration and software available, please refer to the links below:


2.  Enhancement of Printing Facility in the Chi Wah Learning Commons

To optimize the printer usage and reduce the waiting time for getting printouts from a single printer, 3 black and white printers within the Chi Wah Learning Commons have been relocated to form a new printer-cluster on the 1/F of Chi Wah Learning Commons behind the Mac Bar.   With this cluster setup, students will be able to get the printouts from any of these printers which can eliminate their need of going around to check the least-queued printer and save their time.

new printers

printer map

If you have any queries or comments about the facilities and services provided by LES, please contact me at tkelly@hku.hk.


Mrs. Antoinette Kelly
Learning Environment Services Team
Tel: 3917 8728
Email: tkelly@hku.hk