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2FA Protection for HKU Portal and HKUVPN Connection

For added security protection in authenticating access to the University’s network service and personal data, 2FA (2-factor authentication) protection has been effected on the following services -

  • HKU Virtual Private Network (HKUVPN) (applicable to staff and students)
  • HKU Portal functions listed below if they are accessed outside campus network (applicable to staff only)
    • Student Information System (SIS)
    • Manager Self Service (MSS)
    • Personal & Family Data Form (個人及家庭狀況表格)
    • Personnel File
    • Pay Slip
    • Annual Tax Return 
    • Reset 2FA App

On top of the login step using HKU Portal UID/PIN, users will be prompted to enter a one-time token code sent to their registered alternate email address or 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) to complete the 2FA login procedure when accessing the above services outside campus network. 

New staff and students who join the University after July 2017 will have 2FA registered for them by default after they apply for HKU Portal account and change their initial HKU Portal PIN respectively.  For those staff/students who have not registered for 2FA but require to use the above service(s) outside campus network, they can register through a few simple steps via the following links-

Staff: http://www.its.hku.hk/2fa/staff-register

Students/Departmental Account Holders: http://www.its.hku.hk/2fa/student-dept-register

For questions, please feel free to contact our Service Desk at ithelp@hku.hk or 3917 0123.


John Lam
Data & Security Team
Tel: 3917 5952
Email: joncclam@hku.hk