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Feedback on ITS training for University staff

The responses from staff members to the ITS User Survey 2017 suggested that they would like to have more trainings to learn more about the central IT services available and how to make a good use of them to facilitate their works. 

We are now in the process of drawing up a new training plan for staff members of the University.  We conducted a survey during the period of 5-19 June 2017 for soliciting views and input on the staff’s needs of training classes on the use of central IT services.  The survey results revealed the following ideas for our new training plan:

The top three topics of interests for current staff members:

  • Microsoft SharePoint (departmental workspace for file sharing)
  • HKU Event Management System (a system for course/event registration and payment of registration)
  • Information Security (best practices for protecting information security to ensure daily work and data transmission are secure and safe)
The top three topics of interest for staff members who newly join the University:
  • HKU central email and calendar service for staff on Microsoft Exchange (staff email service @hku.hk)
  • Connection to HKU Campus Network (connect to HKU campus network using wired and WiFi network and other network services, such as file servers)
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) protection for HKU Portal and HKU Virtual Private Network (HKUVPN) (a security measure which adds a second layer of login protection on top of HKU Portal UID/PIN)
Users generally consider the arrangement of holding training classes of a topic on quarterly or half-yearly basis appropriate, and that hands-on trainings and session length of 1-2 hours are desirable.  We thank our users for their feedback and will incorporate their input into the new trainings being planned.

For the latest ITS Training News, please refer to http://www.its.hku.hk/services/training/its.


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