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360° Photos of HKU Teaching Venues

Get to know more about your Classrooms or Lecture Rooms before class with our new 360o Photos.

A new photographic collection of HKU teaching venues (http://www.les.hku.hk/teaching-space) has been created by Learning Environment Services (LES).   Easily discover all aspects of the teaching spaces using the special 360o animation icon (Pic. 1) which you will find on the information page of each room at the above mentioned webpage.

Pic. 1 - Animation Icon Page
Animation Icon Page

Pic. 2 – Sample Photo A
Sample Photo A

Pic. 3 – Sample Photo B
Sample Photo B

If you have any queries or comments about the facilities and services provided by LES, please contact me at tkelly@hku.hk.


Mrs. Antoinette Kelly
Learning Environment Services Team
Tel: 3917 8728
Email: tkelly@hku.hk