Maintenance Windows 2017

Information Technology Services carries out regular maintenance on the University’s IT environment, such as deploying new enhancements and applying patches to fix known problems.  With the IT environment ever growing and becoming more complex, finding suitable time slots for maintenance works has become increasingly difficult.     

In order to consolidate our maintenance works as much as possible and minimize impact of such activities on end users, we have designated the first weekend of each month in 2017 from Saturday 1:00 pm to Sunday 11:00 pm as our maintenance windows*.  The central IT services may be interrupted during these periods.  We will announce the specific services/systems that will be affected prior to each maintenance window by posting an e-notice.  Such information will also be available at in our website.  Departments are advised to avoid having critical events/activities, which rely heavily on the availability of central IT services, during the maintenance windows.

As not all maintenance works can fit into the scheduled windows and there are needs for urgent maintenance pop up every now and then, we do expect some maintenance activities will be carried out outside the scheduled maintenance windows.  We will notify users concerned via the appropriate channels when such needs arise.

Please feel free to contact Mr. K C Chang (email:; phone: 3917 7972) if you have any concern regarding the maintenance windows. 


Director of IT Services
Tel: 3549 5223

* The scheduled maintenance windows for 2017 are Saturday 1:00 pm to Sunday 11:00 pm on 7-8 January, 4-5 February, 4-5 March, 1-2 April, 6-7 May, 3-4 June, 1-2 July, 5-6 August, 2-3 September, 7-8 October, 4-5 November, and 2-3 December.