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Updates on Research Computing

Extension of HPC2015 System

The HPC2015 System supporting High Performance Computing (HPC) has been recently augmented by a batch of new machines installed by a group of intensive HPC users in the University.  With this addition, the number of compute nodes of HPC2015 System has been increased from 113 to 124 and the system performance has been increased from 104 Tera-FLOPS to 113 Tera-FLOPS (Theoretical Rpeak).  This further enhances the HPC2015 system which is the latest and most powerful HPC facility supporting research computing in the University. 


Apart from the HPC2015 System, researchers and postgraduate students can also use the High Throughput Computing (HTC) facilities which are particularly well suited to certain types of applications, such as data mining, molecular docking, etc., that have the requirement of analysing high volume of data but with little inter-process communications between the different on-going processes.  R and Python are now available for use on the HTC (please refer to http://www.its.hku.hk/services/research/htc/usersoftwares for the list of software items available). 

Retirement of hpcpower2

With the installation of the much more powerful HPC facilities in recent years, the 8-year old HPCPOWER2 system was retired from service in August 2016.     

University members interested in using the HPC or HTC facilities please contact our High Performance Computing Team at group-its-hpc@hku.hk for more details.


Bill Yau
High Performance Computing Team
Tel: 3917 5185
E-mail: billyau_hpc@hku.hk