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Online Reset of HKU Portal PIN

In June 2016, ITS launched a new service to facilitate staff and students in resetting HKU Portal PIN (PIN) online whenever it is forgotten.

We would like to refresh the availability of this new PIN reset service for the information of returning staff and students after the summer break.  To use it, staff and students can simply register an alternate email address and a mobile phone number with ITS beforehand which will be used for verification purpose during online PIN reset.  Steps are as follows-

1.      Login HKU Portal.

2.      Type “contact info” in the Search field and click the link “Register Contact Info with ITS”. 

3.      Enter an alternate email address and a mobile phone number.

After the above registration is done, next time when staff/students forgot their PIN, they can simply click the link “Forgot your PIN/Passwords” at the login page of HKU Portal.  Reset can then be done by means of a “verification link” sent to the registered alternate email address or a “one-time code” sent via SMS to the registered mobile phone number.  For details, please refer to our webpage at http://www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/account/reset-pin-online.

For those staff and students who have already registered to use 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) for using HKU Virtual Private Network, they can readily use the online form described in the above paragraph to reset their PIN without repeating registration of their alternate email address and mobile phone number that has been done during 2FA registration.   

This automation mechanism reduces the time and effort in submitting and processing a paper application form, and is an environment-friendly step that we would encourage all staff and students to do.  Register NOW and don’t wait until your HKU Portal PIN is forgotten next time!


Idy Tang
User Services Team
Tel: 3917 6220
Email: tangky@hku.hk