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Introducing the University's IT Services

1. Welcome to IT Services

2. Recent Development

3. Information and Assistance

Appendix: More information on the commonly used IT services

1. Welcome to IT Services

All students and staff are welcome to use the University’s central IT services provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) to support their studies and work.  We are committed to provide a comprehensive range of IT services to support the teaching, learning, research and administration activities of the University.

Most of the IT services are available around-the-clock and the commonly used services are:

  1. HKU Portal
  2. Network Services
  3. Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle
  4. Learning Capture Service (LCS)
  5. Research Support
  6. Learning Commons
  7. Communal PCs
  8. Printing Service
  9. Seminars and training courses

For more information on these services, please refer to the Appendix: More information on the commonly used IT services.


2. Recent Development

We have been actively enhancing the IT services and facilities every year. Some recent developments are:

  • e-Learning Support – The one-stop eLearning services hub -- the “My eLearning” tab of HKU Portal -- is enhanced to support teachers and students with easy access to their Moodle courses, and to provide them with information on where to get help and get resources on ITS teaching and learning services.  This year, the new “Tutorial Sign-up Application” and new Moodle grade analytic result are introduced.
  • ITS Cloud – Our cloud server is a secure, resilient, cost effective and green computing platform for central services and departmental projects.  To facilitate departments in the management of the subscribed ITS Cloud resources, a self-service portal management system is available.  For more details, please visit http://www.its.hku.hk/services/data-centre/hosting.
  • Information Security Awareness – Information security (IS) is important as malicious software (malware including viruses and Trojan horses) and malicious websites are rampant in the Internet. We are continually promoting the IS measures and awareness among the University community, and undertaking assessment and reviews to identify possible areas for improvement.  Like pandemics, IS is everybody’s business, and good IS practice must be adopted. Please see http://www.its.hku.hk/services/infosec for further information, in particular on how to keep a Healthy PC.  Staff PCs are now required to install the data leaking prevention software (see details).  More security measures would be introduced to make our IT environment more secure. Stay tuned to our ITS News.
  • Upgrade and Consolidation of Staff Email Accounts – The upgrade of staff accounts on the central email system HKUCC1.HKU.HK from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 has been completed in May 2016. ITS will continue to work in consolidating the small number of staff email accounts currently running on the legacy staff email system, HKUCC.HKU.HK to HKUCC1.HKU.HK.  After the completion of this consolidation exercise, all staff email accounts will then be running on a single platform, HKUCC1.HKU.HK.

3. Information and Assistance 

For continual service improvement, we are updating our services from time to time.  University members are welcome to visit the following channels on the latest information about the central IT services-

-       ITS website (http://www.its.hku.hk)

-       ITS FAQ website (http://www.its.hku.hk/faq)

-       Bi-monthly newsletter (http://www.its.hku.hk/its-news)

Staff and students are welcome to get assistance from us through the following channels during our office hours-

-       In person at 1/F, Library Building (Old Wing), Main Campus

-       Phone at 3917 0123

-       Email at ithelp@hku.hk

-       Live chat

Hope you will enjoy using our services and facilities.

M C Pong
Learning and User Services
Tel: 3917 6232
Email: mcpong@hku.hk

Appendix: More information on the commonly used IT services

1.     HKU Portal (https://hkuportal.hku.hk) is a convenient website for University members to access the central web-based services with single-sign-on.  After login with HKU Portal UID (User IDentifier) and an associated PIN (password), the following tabs are available for access:

  • My Page - the Student Information System (SIS) for student-related information, the Human Capital Management System (HCMS) for staff information and many other self-service functions.
  • MyEmail - the HKU central email account (students: UID@connect.hku.hk ; staff: UID@hku.hk). The students email service (called HKU Connect) is running on the Google Mail platform.  The staff email service is based on the University-operated Microsoft Exchange server (called HKUCC1 or HKUCC-COM).
  • My eLearning – a hub of eLearning related information, especially e-courses supported by the University’s Learning Management System “Moodle”.
  • MyLibrary – the services provided by the Libraries through the MyLibrary system.
  • Events - University members can view events organized by University departments through the HKU Event Management System and register to attend any of these events;
  • MyFaculty or MyDepartment – Students can view the information provided by their Faculties whereas staff can view the information provided by their Departments.

Snapshot of HKU Portal for StaffHKU Portal

2.     Network Services – The University’s high-speed campus network consists of over 51,000 wired network points and over 4,900 WiFi access points (increased from 49,500 and 4,400 respectively over the past year).  It covers offices and laboratories, central classrooms, public areas on the University campus and student residential halls. 

HKU Main Campus and Centennial Campus – Geographical

HKU Campus Network – Geographical

Users can follow the procedures to configure their mobile devices to connect to the WiFi Network “HKU” within the University campus and student residential halls.  Users can also use the "Wi-Fi.HK via HKU" service (with limited bandwidth) before they configure their devices to use the WiFi Network “HKU”.

Students and staff can also access free WiFi outside the campus via the following WiFi hotspots:

  • WiFi at outlets operated by CSL and Y5ZONE in Hong Kong
  • Universities WiFi in other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong (CUHK, PolyU, CityU, HKUST, HKBU, LU and HKIEd)
  • eduroam institutions around the world

3.     Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle – Moodle is widely used by education institutions around the world as a platform for creating online interactive e-courses. All courses registered in the Student Information System (SIS) will have the corresponding e-courses pre-created in Moodle for teachers to build up their e-courses conveniently.  The HKU Moodle is accessible at the HKU Portal My eLearning tab, and HKU Moodle Resources and Support website is available at http://moodle-support.hku.hk/.  Training courses to use the Moodle features are listed at http://moodle-support.hku.hk/training/ITS-all.

4.     Lecture Capture Service (LCS) – LCS is powered by the Panopto lecture capture system. It helps teachers capture lectures easily and is integrated with the Moodle System.  The service supports our teachers and students to perform video recording, playing back through Moodle courses, and editing the video. A new feature is the Panopto Unison module which support teachers import and edit videos in other formats (see details).

5.     Research Support – ITS provides central support in high performance computing (HPC), high throughput computing (HTC) and grid computing to facilitate computational and data-intensive research activities of the University.  For latest news and information on research computing support, please visit http://www.its.hku.hk/services/research.

6.     Learning Commons – Chi Wah Learning Commons, The Oval (Knowles Building 1/F), The Curve (K.K. Leung Building 1/F and 2/F) and The Lounge (Main Building Room MB238) are common areas with study rooms equipped with modern IT and AV facilities to encourage and facilitate group and individual study.   

Chi Wah Learning Commons in the Centennial Campus

Photo of Chi Wah Learning Commons (Level 1)Photo of Chi Wah Learning Commons (Level 2)Photo of Chi Wah Learning Commons (Level 1)

The Oval on 1/F of the Knowles Building

The OvalThe Oval

The Curve nearby lecture theatres on 1/F and 2/F of the K.K. Leung building

Photo of The CurvePhoto of The Curve


7.     Communal PCs (196 PCs and 11 Mac computers in Chi Wah Learning Commons, 36 PCs in room KB-110 in The Oval and 11 PCs in The Curve) are available.  They are installed with commonly used software (Microsoft Office, Adobe suite, etc.) for document processing, web page design, multimedia presentation, statistical analysis, etc.  Users can also use the PCs in the faculty-based PC laboratories

Communal PCs in Chi Wah Learning Commons

Communal PCs in Chi Wah Learning CommonsCommunal PCs in Chi Wah Learning Commons

To locate available communal PCs, please visit the website to view and search for unoccupied communal PCs, located in the learning commons and faculty-based PC laboratories.

Apart from the communal PC facilities managed by ITS, the University Libraries also manage communal PCs in various libraries. 

8.     Printing Service – A print-anywhere printing service called uPrint is supported by ITS for black & white and color printing.  Copying is available at some designated printers. Users can submit print job from any communal PCs or their own desktop/laptop PCs with uPrint printer driver installed or mobile devices with app installed, and can pick up the printout at any uPrint printer. (See details)

uPrint printer supporting the printing service

uPrint printer supporting the printing service

9.     Seminars and training courses – Regular seminars and training courses on the use of the central IT services and the commonly used software tools are arranged throughout the year.