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Information Security Awareness is an On-going Effort

HKU Workshops on “Personal Data Protection and Security Measures”

Information security awareness by all users is important to protect the data from leakage and to protect privacy.  The University Data Protection Officer and Information Technology Services (ITS) co-organized two workshops on “Personal Data Protection and Security Measures” on 12 & 13 April 2016.  The purpose of the workshops was to brief colleagues the personal data and privacy legislation, the University’s code of practice on data protection and information security.  Over 150 staff members have attended the workshops.  Mr. Joe Poon, the University Data Protection Officer, and Mr. Kelvin Lai, IT Officer of ITS, gave an overview of the following:

  • th​​e Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance; 
  • the six Data Protection Principles; 
  • the system and practices in the University; 
  • and information security measures.  

PCPD Privacy Awareness Week and Online Education & Training

To raise awareness on the importance of protecting personal data privacy, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (“PCPD”) will launch the annual Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) from 1 to 7 May 2016. A Lunch Talk “Sharing on recent conviction cases on direct marketing” (for Data Protection Officers' Club members) will be held on 5 May 2016.

The PCPD has also launched some online courses with an aim to provide a convenient platform for data users who wish to understand the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Here are the topics:

  • Developing Mobile Apps with Privacy Protection in Mind
  • Data Protection in Internal IT Management
  • Latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Data Protection

In addition, the PCPD has developed a series of professional workshops on data protection tailored to the needs of those dealing with personal data in different work contexts from April to June 2016.

For further information, please visit the website (www.pcpd.org.hk).


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