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Moodle Grade Statistics Chart

To help instructors easily identify students in their Moodle courses who would need help in their studies or alert them that remedial actions may be needed, a new function called “Moodle Grade Statistics Chart” has been made available in the “My eLearning” tab of instructors’ HKU Portal since 6 January 2016.

The “Moodle Grade Statistics Chart” of a Moodle course displays a scatter plot of data points representing the students in the course with:

  1. Student Moodle grades in  the Moodle course (y-axis)
  2. Student participations measured as the no. of clicks that a student has made at the Moodle course website (x-axis)

The Chart shows the relationship between student Moodle grades and the student participation in the Moodle course.

The following figure shows a sample Moodle Grade Statistics Chart:

Sample Moodle Grade Statistics Chart


With this Chart, the instructor can easily see: 

1.       how students' Moodle grades are associated with their participations. (However, note that there is no simple conclusion that higher grades must be related to more active participation.)

2.       how active is each student relative to other students in the course

3.       the group of at-risk students (i.e. the lowest 25% or 10% performance group).

By clicking on the link of an interval of performance group shown in the legend, the instructor can easily send email to the students in the group, e.g. to alert them or to provide early assistance, say through special remedial activities.

The instructor can also place the mouse over a data point to see the corresponding student’s Moodle grades in various assignments/mid-term exams/quizzes in the Moodle course.

For more details of the Chart, please read the manual at https://intraweb.hku.hk/reserved_2/its/moodle/UserGuide-Moodle-Grade-Statistics-Chart.pdf.

If there are any questions, please feel free to email elearningteam@hku.hk.

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E-Learning Team
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