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Upgrade of Sassoon Road Campus Network

The network backbone switches (H3C S9505 and H3C S7506E) supporting the Sassoon Road campus network have been in service for about 7 years.  These switches are approaching their hardware capacity limit and becoming unable to accommodate the increasing network traffic volume and growing demand for network connectivity.

In view of the above, the two network backbone switches have been upgraded in November 2015.  The new switches come with enhanced CPU processing power and throughput supporting 10G interface connection.  With this capacity enhancement, it enables us to extend the 10G direct fibre connection to Main Campus which is planned for implementation in January 2016.  After that, users at Sassoon Road campus will be able to experience faster network connection to/from the Main Campus and Internet which is particularly beneficial for supporting computational intensive researches and high quality video transmission over the network.

Network Infrastructure of Sassoon Campus Before Upgrade


Network Infrastructure of Sassoon Campus After Upgrade

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