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New File Sharing System to Replace HKUWIN1/2

The legacy central file servers HKUWIN1/2 have been running for nearly a decade.  Due to the ageing condition of its hardware and end-of-support of its operating system, we are going to replace these two central file servers by a new Network Attached Storage (NAS), f1.hku.hk, to continue supporting the file sharing service for departments.

The new NAS has been in service since November 2015 and HKUWIN1/2 servers are planned for retirement after 31 December 2015.  Apart from informing current HKUWIN1/2 users, we have also informed their department heads of this server replacement plan.  Users have been invited to migrate their files from HKUWIN1/2 to the new NAS by end of December 2015.  HKUWIN1/2 has been limited for read-only use (i.e. cannot save new files) after 18 December 2015 and access to HKUWIN1/2 will be suspended from 1 January 2016 onwards.

The new NAS supports both Common Internet File System (CIFS, for Windows) and Network File System (NFS, for Unix/Linux) protocols.  Each department can apply for a free quota of 20GB on the NAS for file sharing use among colleagues in the department.  Additional quota can also be subscribed from ITS on a yearly basis.  You can refer to the subscription plan at http://itscloud.hku.hk/local/NAS-NFS.pdf for further details. 

Departments interested in using the new NAS please complete the following steps-

  1. Go to ITS Cloud Portal (login HKU Portal > type “cloud” in the Search file and click the link “ITS Cloud”) and follow the procedures described in Section 2.7 of HKU ITS Cloud Management System User Guide for Requester to complete the online subscription request; and

  2. Complete the application form (CF158) to set up a group email account for user account management under the new NAS. 

Should you have any enquiries on the above, please feel free to contact the undersigned.


Davis Tong
Systems Team
Tel: 3917 5719
Email: davistong@hku.hk