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Progress Update on the HKU Server Compliance Project

In June 2014, we gave an initial update on the HKU Server Compliance Project after its launch in early 2014.  This Project is to enforce compliance of all computer servers connected to the campus network to a set of security technical standards.  The compliance assessment is carried out through the installation of an agent software on each networked server. 

With the support and cooperation from departments, over 1,300 networked servers have already been installed with the server agent as of October 2015 and connected to the Compliance Management System for checking the compliance status of the servers.  Departments have been kept informed of the status through quarterly reports sent to them since October 2014.  As the Project has been running for more than a year, an annual report is being prepared for sending to departments by end of November 2015 for their review and necessary follow-up actions.

To recap, the HKU Server Compliance Baseline Policies formulated are set out at the following links-

HKU Server Compliance Baseline Policies for Microsoft Windows Platforms

HKU Server Compliance Baseline Policies for Unix/Linux Platforms

To cater for the diversity of operating systems being used by departments, we are extending the scope of the Project to cover more platforms which currently include RedHat 5, RedHat 6, CentOS 5, CentOS 6, AIX 6, HP-UX 11.31, Windows 2008, Windows 2012 and Windows 7.  Support for Windows 8, Mac OSX and Solaris 10 will be available in the near future.  In case departments are running other operating systems apart from those listed above which should have covered the commonly used platforms, they are recommended to migrate their servers to run on any of the supported platforms.   

For those departments who have not yet installed the agent software on their networked servers, we would like to seek for their assistance to arrange the installation as soon as possible so as to ensure their servers are running without security vulnerabilities.  The non-compliance servers may be suspended from connecting to the campus network in particular if any security breach is identified. 


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