New eNotices System

The Bulk Email System (BES) has been serving University departments since year 2000 for dissemination of departmental notices to University staff and students.  In 2014/15, over 6,700 bulk email requests were processed, i.e., on average over 20 bulk emails were distributed per weekday.  From the statistics of 2013-2015, 80% of the bulk emails were sent to all staff and/or students instead of a target recipient group.  While departments may find the BES an easy way for disseminating notices/announcements to staff and students, most of them consider that in general the bulk emails are not very relevant or of little interest to them. 

To address the feedback from staff and students, ITS reviewed the situation in consultation with the IT Committee and its Advisory and Coordination Group of Information and Infrastructure Services (ACGIIS) last year, and proposed a new system, eNotices System, for consolidating and enhancing the two existing communication channels, namely the Bulk Email System and the University Notices System. 

The eNotices System will be launched on 2 November 2015 (Monday).  It will replace the University Notices System for posting notices on HKU Portal while the Bulk Email System will then be provided only for use by teaching departments and administrative offices for sending notices primarily to target recipient groups.

With the launch of the new eNotices System, apart from posting notices under MyPage tab of HKU Portal, a daily email digest consolidating all notices from departments will be sent to all staff and students. They can read the list of notices in the email digest at a glance and read those of interest in full by visiting the links provided in the email digest.  Moreover, a “keyword search” function is provided under MyPage tab to search for current or past notices. This change should help to reduce the number of email messages sent by departments to all staff and students.  

The email system being used by the Students’ Union for disseminating notices for student bodies will remain unchanged and ITS will further discuss with the Students’ Union on how to further reduce the volume of bulk emails being received by students.

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