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Updates on Research Computing Support

New HPC Cluster

As announced in an earlier issue of ITS News, the University has allocated a UDF grant for establishing a new High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster for scientific computation.

This new cluster is a new 2,320-core HPC system (theoretical peak power of 103.4 Tera-FLOPS) equipped with the latest technologies, including GPGPU, MIC and Luster file-system, for supporting compute-intensive and accelerated computing.  This is roughly 8.5 times the power of the Gridpoint HPC cluster currently in use.  More detailed technical information of the new cluster can be found at http://www.its.hku.hk/services/research/hpc/hpc2015.

We are pleased to inform that the system will be available for use starting from the new academic year of 2015/16 and the system is now at its final stage of fine-tuning.   A group of pilot users are being engaged to try out this new system to test running some heavily used HPC software programs.   

HTC Service

The current setup of HTC service comprises a Linux backend server and 235 Windows-based PCs located in the Chi Wah Learning Commons and The Oval.  The HTC jobs will run after the daily closure of the Learning Commons.  

To enhance the HTC facility to allow users to develop/debug their codes during the day time, the High Throughput Computing (HTC) service will be augmented through the addition of a more powerful backend server and some designated computing nodes.  With this addition, users can access the HTC pool round-the-clock.  

Retirement of HPCPOWER2 and BIOINFO1/SMPSERVE Systems

Due to the ageing condition, the 24-node HPCPOWER2 System supporting the HPC community that has been in service since 2008 will be phased out in August 2016. 

Another system, BIOINFO1/SMPSERVE supporting the bioinformatics application and other software items, will also be phase out in early 2016.  All the bioinformatics related software has now been migrated to other HPC systems. 


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