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A New Feature - Moodle Assignment Deadline Notification

We are pleased to announce a new service "Moodle Assignment Deadline Notification" is now available to students.  Students who subscribe to this new feature will receive an automatic email notification three days before the due date of a "Moodle assignment". 

This feature, however, is only available for "Moodle assignments", but not "Turnitin assignments".  The email notifications are generated at 4am daily.  Subsequent update to the assignment deadlines will be reflected after 4am on the following day when the notifications are generated again.  While receiving such system-generated reminders, students are advised to check the latest assignment deadlines inside their Moodle courses for any last moment notices and information.

Students interested in the Moodle Assignment Deadline Notification service may subscribe it as follows -

  1. Login HKU Portal
  2. Click "My eLearning" tab 
  3. Click the hyperlink "Moodle assignment deadline notification subscription" and follows the instructions to complete the registration.  The notification feature will take effect on the following day after successful subscription. 

For more information about the service, please visit http://moodle-support.hku.hk/moodle-assignment-deadline-notification or "What’s New" under "My eLearning" tab of HKU Portal.


C P Lau
eLearning Team
Tel: 3917 8711
Email: cplaud@hku.hk