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Recapitulation and Progress of the DLP Project

DLP Project

As previously reported in IT Services News No. 166 and No. 169, the Data Leakage Prevention (“DLP”) project is an initiative of the University to provide departments and individual staff members an effective means to protect data stored in USB Portable Storage Devices for compliance with Data Protection Principle 4 (“DPP4”) of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.  Installation of the DLP software on Windows based staff PCs that are compatible with the software is mandatory. With the joint effort rendered by departments, their DLP project coordinators and staff members, over 70% of the University’s staff PCs are now installed with the DLP software.  According to plan, we expect the deployment rate to exceed 80% by June 2015, and reach 100% by the end of 2015 save for those exempted.

User Compliance Declaration

Considering the nature of the DLP project is for compliance with DPP4, the Central Compliance Team for Personal Data Protection of the University has endorsed a declaration scheme to be implemented by ITS for registering users’ compliance with the project requirements. The “DLP User Compliance Declaration” program implemented by ITS is now ready for service and can be accessible from the DLP Project Website in the HKU Portal.  Staff members are advised to refer to the Website for details of the requirements and a video description of the declaration procedure.  From now on until end of February 2015, staff members whose staff PCs meeting the following conditions should proceed to declare their compliance:

1.     The staff PCs have been installed with the DLP software.

2.     The staff PCs are incompatible and not upgradable to be compatible with the DLP software (e.g. Macintosh).

3.     Staff PCs are not required for work.

Starting from 1 March 2015 onwards, staff users who have not yet declared their compliance to the DLP project requirements will be prompted to do so as a mandatory step of the HKU Portal login process.   In addition to the above 3 choices of declaration, by then users will also be allowed to choose the options of (i) completing DLP software installation for their staff PCs within 28 days, or (ii) upgrading their staff PCs with the DLP software installed within 180 days.      

Briefing sessions in January 2015

ITS will hold two briefing sessions in January 2015 for (i) introducing the DLP User Compliance Declaration program; and (ii) sharing the workarounds for a few known issues that could be caused by the DLP software.  Colleagues are welcome to register attending these briefing sessions.  Please click the following links for the course description and registration-

Session 1

15 Jan 2015

3:00 pm - 4:20 pm


Course Description and Registration

Session 2

22 Jan 2015

3:00 pm - 4:20 pm


Course Description and Registration


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