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Lecture Theatre Refurbishments Summer 2014

The Learning Environment Services Team had an extremely busy summer this year managing a range of projects to improve the central teaching and learning environments in time for the new academic year.

The largest project was that to completely strip out and refurbish 8 traditional style lecture theatres located in Chong Yuet Ming (4), KK Leung (1), Library Extension (1) and Chow Yei Ching (2) Buildings.

The feedback received from the recent Staff Teaching Space Perceptions Survey made it very clear what teaching staff wanted to support their teaching in the classroom environment.  In order to deliver high quality and functional spaces to meet those needs, the Team worked very closely with colleagues in the Estates Office to prepare the brief and create the detailed design to be implemented by the Building and Audio Visual Contractors.  Representatives from the team attended the fortnightly Contractor meetings in order to ensure that any necessary changes to the building element of the project did not have a negative impact upon the provision and deployment of teaching and learning technologies.

The aim of the project was to provide good, comfortable environments with high quality audio and projection facilities in the traditional lecture environment in all of the rooms, but 2 of the spaces were treated a little differently to create opportunities for collaboration between students during a lecture session.

KK Leung LG109 is still a “raked/stepped” lecture theatre but the floor has been remodeled allowing for 2 rows of seats per tier.  Alternate rows of seating are fixed as in a traditional theatre, but other rows utilise loose seating on wheels. Work benches have been fixed in front of each row.  The theatre works as normal when a lecture is being delivered, but if students are required to discuss problems etc. during the lecture they can easily turn around and form into groups.

Chow Yei Ching has a different design which still accommodates both lectures and collaboration, but is a simpler style with all seats being loose.

Lecture Theater CBC in Chow Yei Ching Building
(Before Refurbishments)
Lecture Theater CBC in Chow Yei Ching Building
(After Refurbishments)
Before Refurbishments After Refurbishments

All of the lecture theatres are equipped with Lecture Capture facilities, dual projection and “all in one” touchscreen PCs which allow staff to (for example) annotate and create presentations in a live situation.  Four of the theatres are also equipped with high definition projectors.

All equipment is operated through a touchscreen control panel which is not only located on the lectern, but also is identical in all 8 rooms meaning that there is no need to learn different systems for different rooms.  In response to feedback from staff we have much more control over lighting and again, switches are located on the lectern.

A new feature in the lecture theatre set up is the provision of screens for “show relay” allowing the teacher to face the students and maintain eye contact whilst at the same being able to see the images projected behind them.

Evaluation of user perceptions of these spaces will be carried out at Christmas, but anyone who has any comments and feedback about these facilities is welcome to contact Toni Kelly, Associate Director, Learning Environments (tkelly@hku.hk) to discuss.

Staff who would like to have an orientation session in any of the rooms to look at the equipment and it’s operation may contact lesbook@hku.hk to arrange a suitable time.

New Look for the LES Team

Not only were the lecture theatres given a “make over” during the summer, but also the LES team have been given a new and fresh image.

The team not only supports up to 200,000 hours of lectures in central classrooms each year, but also visiting lectures, University Events and events in the Grand Hall, however,  often, our customers have not been able to identify who is there to help them when needed.

Since the 1st September, LES Team members now wear team polo shirts with their name clearly visible, enabling staff not only to be able to see who is there to help, but can also put a name to their helper.

A group photo of LES Team

A group photo of LES Team


Mrs. Antoinette Kelly
Learning Environment Services Team
Tel: 3917 8728
Email: tkelly@hku.hk