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Enquiry System for Checking Registered Services at ITS

We are pleased to announce that a new enquiry system has been made available for use by University staff through which they can check the active accounts registered with ITS under their names.  This online enquiry function covers the following records of individual staff members-

  1. Individual Accounts - computer accounts registered under the staff member’s name.
  2. Departmental Accounts - computer accounts owned by the staff member’s department(s) and registered under his/her name.
  3. Web Addresses - web addresses or URLs of the staff member’s departmental web sites. The format of web addresses registered under HKU is website.department.hku.hk.
  4. Domain names – domain names of departmental servers. The format of domain names registered under HKU is domainname.hku.hk.

This new service is available via HKU Portal.   Staff can search “registered services” under the Search field of HKU Portal or access via MyPage > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Registered Services at ITS.

For any enquiry on the above, please contact us at ithelp@hku.hk or the undersigned.

Agnes Chau
User Services
Tel: 3917 5707
Email: achau@hku.hk