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Retirement of Access Anywhere Network (ACEnet) and HKU Guest WiFi Services

To provide University members network services in good quality, we keep on upgrading the University campus network with the latest technologies.  Due to technology substitution, the following two network services will be retired by end of August 2014-

1. ACEnet (Access Anywhere Network)

ACEnet was introduced over 15 years ago to support the first student notebook program launched at that time.  Fixed network points are installed in the open areas and offices for research students in the academic buildings.  

Throughout the years, WiFi connections are gaining much popularity and overtake the requirements on fixed network connections.  In view of the shrinking usage of ACENET, we have decided to phase out the ACENET service.  This allows us to neaten the network infrastructure and more importantly, to redeploy the resources for supporting other network areas that are of common demand and high usage.   

We have informed the very small group of individual students and staff who are still using the ACEnet service of this retirement plan.  For the affected staff, arrangement has also been made to assist them in switching to use the staff network. 

The whole ACEnet service will be withdrawn and disabled from access by end of August, 2014.  

2. HKU Guest WiFi

The "HKU Guest" WiFi service was first launched in 2010 to provide WiFi connectivity for visiting guests attending conferences and lectures hosted by HKU departments on the University campus.  Departments need to register with ITS in advance for use of the service during their conferences/lectures.

In 2011, we enhanced the WiFi service for guests and visitors by introducing the "HKU Open WiFi" service on campus.   This WiFi service offers quick and immediate network access and no prior registration is required by departments or visitors.  The HKU Open WiFi service has been very well received since its launch and resulted in a drop in the use of the “HKU Guest” WiFi service.

In view of the very low usage of the “HKU Guest” WiFi service in the past few years, we have decided to retire this service on August 31, 2014 and the broadcast of this SSID (Service Set Identifier) will be stopped after this date.

If you have any questions on the retirement of the above two network services, please feel free to contact the undersigned.


Ronald Leung
Network Team
Tel: 39178593
Email: ronald.leung@hku.hk