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New Opening Hours of Chi Wah Learning Commons and The Oval

Chi Wah Learning Commons Open in Weekends

The Chi Wah Learning Commons have been opened for almost 2 years and during that time, we have recorded thousands of entries per day with demand particularly high during project and revision periods.  We are pleased to note that many of our students tell us that they really enjoy studying here and using the many and varied facilities.

A recent survey of the “Student Learning Space Experience” provided Learning Environment Services (LES) with a great deal of useful information regarding what the students want or need in their study spaces.  One huge message we received was that we need to extend the opening hours generally and create a 24 access computing facility in particular. 

We are pleased to announce that with effect from 25 August 2014, the first floor of Chi Wah Learning Commons will be opened on Saturdays and Sundays.  Public holiday opening time will be published on website. The opening hours of Chi Wah Learning Commons from 25 August 2014 onwards will be as follow-


Level 1

Level 2

Mon – Fri

08:00 – 23:00

08:00 – 20:00

Sat & Sun

08:00 – 23:00


The Oval Open 24 hours Every Day

The Oval (located on the first floor of Knowles Building) is a popular space in which students and teachers can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of activities.

Effective from the new academic year (1st September), The Oval will be open for 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week.  uPrint service and communal PC facilities (36 seats) in KB110 are also available.


Please refer to this link for the opening hours of the Learning Commons - http://www.its.hku.hk/about/service-hours/opening-hour.

For any enquiries about the learning spaces, please contact us at ithelp@hku.hk or 3917 0123.


Mrs. Antoinette Kelly
Learning Environment Services Team
Tel: 3917 8728
Email: tkelly@hku.hk